The Drug for What Doesn’t Ail You

For a long time now we have known that drug companies are primarily out for profit. They hold patents on all those little pills we take which drives up the cost of health care to an astronomical level. They extort money from you because you have a disease or medical condition. You can’t go elsewhere, because by having a patent on the treatment, they for all intents and purposes they have a patent on a disease.

Well now it seems that the drug companies aren’t satisfied with real diseases and medical conditions. Now they are inventing drugs which treat natural everyday / every life problems like Menopause.

Pharmaceutical firms are inventing diseases to sell more drugs, researchers have warned.
Disease-mongering promotes non-existent diseases and exaggerates mild problems to boost profits, the Public Library of Science Medicine reported.

[Source: BBC News Health]

It is sickening to think that we as a society can’t get along with minor ailments that every human for the last several thousand years has been able to deal with. We are so willing to fill ourselves up with chemicals to treat the symptoms of these little twinges, but we don’t seem to be willing to get out of our easy chairs and go for a walk or eat a proper diet which would make us healthier and therefore less likely to get that little twinge in the first place. Now I am not the best example of health as I have let myself go over the years. I realize that filling my body with drugs may take care of any symptoms I may get from my lack of a healthy lifestyle, but it won’t fix the problems causing the symptoms.

My suggestion to the reader and the advice that I am now following, is to move. Walk to the corner to pick up the paper, or walk to the corner store. Walk to the next bus stop up from the closest stop. Every little bit helps. Don’t just do it for your own health, do it to help your bank account. The healthier your lifestyle, the less money you are going to be paying to the drug companies to get the same healthy feeling. And you won’t have to keep track of all sorts of drugs either. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get the drug companies working on curing diseases rather than curing symptoms? Think about it.

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