Eight Bit Biographies

When we originally added the "Who We Are" tab to our Facebook page, we pulled over the content from our site's About page. By laying it out with a slightly different stylesheet, we could update both our website and our Facebook page from the same admin editors.

For a couple weeks, we were lucky enough to have Meaghan Gorchynski in the office for a work placement. We presented her with a challenge: update the "Who We Are" tab, keeping the same basic information, but giving it a fun make-over. Something that reflected our pop-culture roots and something that encouraged a bit more exploration.

Inspired by old-school video games and the Eightbit.Me avatar creator, our new "Who We Are" page has both purpose and personality. The "flip-card" portraits on our site have been replaced with a Nintendo-esque environment with our digital characters standing at our actual desk locations; if you come visit us in the Exchange, you'll recognize us immediately! Also, hovering over any of our characters will pop up our smiling faces, job titles, and links to the social media we participate in.

We're super-happy with how this turned out… and we have one or two other small designs by Meaghan that we're bolting together. If you enjoy our "Who We Are" page, be sure to let her know :)

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