Casinos of Winnipeg

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.

  • Catalyst CMS
  • Double view events calendar
  • Multiple sites with a single administrative area

Three Casino Sites In One Easy To Use Package

Entertainment and tourism are a big part of a casino's industry, so it stands to reason that their website had a big part in presenting that to it's visitors!

Club Regent and McPhillips Station

The Casinos Of Winnipeg content is actually broken up into three distinct sites each with their own URL: the main site, the Club Regent Casino site, and the McPhillips Station Casino site. The administrative system is a single Catalyst installation. This provides content editors one place to manage all three sites' content, events and images. All three sites have their own layouts and site structures, but key content can be shared between them with just a click or two.

Circle It On
Your Calendar

We built a calendar for Casinos Of Winnipeg customized to the adminstrators' needs and the sites' design. Each event can have multiple images that Catalyst sizes and crops automatically to the layout's requirements. An easy-to-use month-view makes plugging in dates and times for events quick and painless.

For the public, the calendar is presented as a simple list, featuring today's shows and other upcoming events. The list is capped with a single week view that can be expanded out to a fuller five week view.

and Sidebars

All casino locations have a lot going on and we didnt want anyone to miss out on it. We built multiple ways for Casinos Of Winnipeg site administrators to promote their events and specials. Calendar items and promo banners can be shared across sites, on the homepage and sidebars, triggered by date range or targeted to specific pages.

La Belle Langue

On all of the casino sites, we made it simple for visitors to switch between english and french content. A quick toggle jumps between the two, loading pages with URLs unique for that lanuage.

For administrators, the Catalyst CMS has been developed to make multilingual data entry just as easy. Any content editable through the administrative section can be filled out in both languages, in a logical structure.

McPhillips Station Casino

New coat of paint for McPhillips Station casino. Three sites, one place to manage!

Club Regent Casino

New coat of paint for Club Regent Casino. Three sites, one place to manage!