Winnipeg High School Football League

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From Touchdowns To Downloads

The Winnipeg High School Football League asked us to help them rebuild their website on top of a content management system, having been manually updating the site for years until then. Not only did we replace all their static webpages with a Catalyst 4 backed dynamic site, but we opened up the system to allow team coaches to individually log in and add school information, team details, and player statistics. The result is a rebust database-driven football site that is both easy to navigate and maintain.

In A League Of Their Own

Each of the five leagues in the WHSFL has a subsite of its own, with their own teams, schedules, players, and statistics. So though the league has an overall site structure, each division had its own parcelled area, complete with their own landing page. Thanks to logical information architecture supported by the Catalyst 4 content management system, WHSFL administrators have no problem getting the right informaiton to the right screen.

Game and Schedules

With five different divisions of over half-a-dozen teams each, WHSFL wanted to make sure game schedules were easy to find and simple to update. Working with the league, VIsual Lizard built a content-managed solution that not only made it simple to manage upcoming games, but easily converted them into game sheets, final scores, and statistical summaries afterwards. This streamlined the WHSFL's process, allowing them to keep their website updated faster and more regularly.

How Are We Doing?

Sports and sport fans live and breathe statistics, so it was important that the WHSFL was able to fill in and list its statistics as easily and clearly as possible. Visual Lizard took a look at the static, hand-built tables that were being used and worked with the WHSFL to replace them with a database-driven system. League administrators and team coaches were provided with simple editors to fill in game data, and behind the scenes, Catalyst calculated the stats at player, game, team, week, and league levels. The more information that was provided, the better the listings got.

Getting You What You Need

WHSFL is equipped with a downloads page that allows league administrators to post PDFs, DOCs, ePUBs, and just about any sort of document site visitors might need. From handbooks to game sheets, WHSFL keeps its staff, supporters, and fans up to date.