Botanical PaperWorks

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BotanicalPaperworks.com Means Green

BotanicalPaperworks.com is a custom eCommerce system that sells a wonderfully unique product, paper with seeds in it. Their product catalog has over 250 different items and allows their customers from around the world to purchase directly from the site.

Plantable Paper

All the information on the Botanical Paperoworks homepage is editable by site administrators, and in many cases, can even be set to appear within specific date ranges. This makes for a dynamic, fresh landing page that requires very little micro-managing. The admins provide appropriate images, copy, and set start and end dates... the Catalyst system handles the rest.

Images are resized to the correct dimensions. Content  is picked based on the current day and appropriate location on the layout. Customer quotes are added to the ever growing set of glowing textimonials, shuffled and randomized for every page. Products can be sorted and categorized to fit Botanical Paperworks' business, Catalyst happily rebuilds the navigation on the fly.

Read The Latest

Content writers have access to a fully-functional, full-feature blog engine that they use to post articles on Botanical Paperworks, do-it-yourself projects, news, announcements, and more. Writers work with forms and pages tweaked for their site layout and tied into a single administrative area. With each article, they can also provide tags, categories, and details search-engine-optimized meta-data.

The Catalyst system goes above and beyond, providing multiple ways for visitors to participate. With a free RSS feed to subscribe to, social media links to share articles through, and built-in comment forms to contribute with, the Botanitcal Paperworks blog encourages you to not only read the latest, but to also join in on the conversation.

Built on using Blogs and Articles and Content plugins.

Find A Store

Botanical Paperworks are carried by a number of wonderful stores, ready to be picked up in person. We developed a custom tool that allows site administrators to enter in store names, addresses, and contact information, or to import a whole shwack of them at once by way of a comma-separated value (CSV) file.

Site visitors can filter this list with a short form and get a list of stores in their general area. Catalyst even plots the results on an interactive Google Map, making it that much easier for people to locate that one store just nearby.

Shop Online

Botanical Paperworks had a clear need for a robust, flexible product catalog... so we built them one thats bursting at the seams with powerful features!

The catalog allows for an infinite number of categories and subcategories, and each product can appear in one or many of them. Products can be dressed up with a gallery of descriptive images and described in a content editor packed with all the formatting tools you need. Mulitple options with multiple choices, all allowing cost to be adjusted if chosen. Variable price points based on quantity chosen. A tool to list related products to help visitors find those perfect gifts.

Alongside their product catalog is a custom developed online purchasing system, where customers can instantly order products online. Tied into it is a highly configurable system that lets Botanical Paperworks offer two-for-one sales, limited time discounts, promotional codes, and everything they need to reward their customers.

Built on using Product Catalogs and Shopping Carts plugins.